Monday, September 14, 2015

The Aubrey Rules by Aven Ellis!

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Aubrey's got rules for a lot of things in her life. And they are never ever to be broken. But then a certain Canadian hockey player comes into her life and the rules are challenged. Strangely enough Aubrey feels the need to break her rules even if Beckett is the complete opposite of her. Find the official description on Goodreads.

For me, Aven is one of those must read authors, and The Aubrey Rules didn't disappoint. Chalk full of hilarious moments, as well as some slightly painful ones, you'll find yourself laughing without control.

Beckett was an adorable, sweet, amazing, *cough cough* Canadian hockey player and wow, Aven, where can I find one of him? The characters of Beckett and Aubrey were both amazing characters that were three dimensional and added character to the book, bringing it to life in my head.

It was also interesting to see Aubrey's rules...and certain things that popped up at the beginning of chapters. It added more life and an interesting take on Aubrey and the development of the relationship between Beckett and Aubrey.

I love Aven's writing style. It draws the reader in and brings laughter to their day. It honestly makes my day whenever I read any of her books. I look forward to seeing more from Aven Ellis!

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