Friday, July 8, 2016

Dreaming Up A Dare by Catherine Gayle(Kindle Worlds)

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Alright! So Catherine Gayle wrote Dreaming up a Dare for the Dare to Love Kindle Worlds. It released yesterday but considering I was on vacation and our flight got delayed I was unable to post about it or my review, which really saddened me as I really enjoyed this story and I wanted to share on release day!

I'm really not certain how to explain why I enjoyed this book so much. But I'll try to break it down. First off, I've read almost all the hockey romances that Catherine Gayle has written and each one has been touching and both characters are so strong and deal with difficult situations throughout the books. This is just one reason that I love the books she writes. I found that Dreaming Up A Dare was much too short...because I really wanted more of Jackson and Pepper! While hockey didn't play as big a role in the novella as usually would be but that was fine as we watched Jackson and Pepper dance around their attraction and the relationship they wished to pursue.

It was great to get both perspectives so that we could understand how both felt and see that they had similar fears about changing their relationship. 

I have yet to read any of the Dare to Love series but Catherine Gayle's inclusion of the characters from that series in this novella and their interactions with Jackson and Pepper make me eager to read them! 

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