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Burnouts, Geeks and Jesus Freaks: A Love Story by Karen Gordon

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"OK, that was kind of funny. She needed that today." -Karen Gordon, Burnouts, Geeks and Jesus Freaks

WARNING: This book is not for younger audiences. It contains Sexual Content.

Carrie Gould doesn't have the best home life. And yet it's better than most. She doesn't get hit, she has a nice room and food to eat. And yet her mother criticises her in anyway possible. So she finds friends that help her to laugh. In order to stay with them, she believes she has to stay with her current boyfriend. That's alright until she falls in love with her best friend/neighbour/geek Ben.  This is the story of their love, difficult choices and finding a way to make things work. Find the official description on Goodreads.

At first, I wasn't sure that I would like this book. But then Carrie and Ben drew me in. It was their easy friendship, the way that Ben made Carrie feel as if things weren't really that bad and vice versa. That relationship easily drew me into the book  until I was reading just to find out what would happen between the two. You find yourself hoping against hope that maybe this will be the tale where first loves are the forever kind. Carrie is such a smart alec that you just find yourself wondering how she'll respond. Then Ben is the cute, easy to get along with guy who still does sweet things for you. It's no wonder that you quickly fall for both of these characters.

But then there's also the fact that Karen Gordon makes you feel a whole spectre of emotions in Burnouts, Geeks and Jesus Freaks. You can go from laughing, to smiling about some sweet thing that happens to starting to tear up. And it all feels natural. Like it isn't a book that you're reading but the story that one of your friends is sharing. It just seems so simple and easy, and the voice that Karen Gordon uses to tell her story makes it seem as if you're finding out the story of a friend or an acquaintance, one that quickly gets your hooks into you and makes you feel hope for love. But Burnouts, Geeks and Jesus Freaks isn't all about the happy times. It does have difficulties and ones that seem quite realistic and probable. It sounds like something you've seen or could see on the news or in your own life. 

Overall, Burnouts, Geeks and Jesus Freaks is a love story that will make you fall in love with it. It's something that could be read anywhere and everywhere, keeping the reader entertained with both the plot and characters. If you love romance, and a smart alec-y character than this is definitely a book you should jump into! Have you read Burnouts, Geeks and Jesus Freaks? What did you think about it?

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