Monday, April 14, 2014

Her Desert Treasure by Larie Brannick

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"The woman didn't retreat. In fact, she took a step toward him."
WARNING: This book is not for younger audiences. It contains Sexual Content.

Meg Reynolds has just inherited a lot of land in Colorado from her grandfather. Jake Matthews is the local vet who has become friends with Meg's grandfather and has taken to watching a wild herd of mustangs on the land Meg has just inherited. When Meg runs into him, she doesn't  believe him especially because someone is trying to take the land from her. But it isn't long before the two are dating. But who wants Meg's land? And how far will they go to get it? Find the official description on Goodreads.

This was a great book first of all. I enjoyed the romance and the fact that both Jake and Meg are working through things but they're able to get through the issues that they are having because of things from their past with help from the other. It's great to see.
Not to mention the fact that Jake and Meg were great characters. Meg is the independent woman who doesn't enjoy being told what to do. She's been hurt in the past by a guy and she refuses to cower in a corner. Instead she stands up to Jake when he feels he's being too pushy or too in her business. But she also won't turn down his help. And then there's Jake. He's a gentleman, he's nice, kind, loves animals and he's sweet. There are a lot of adjectives that could be used to describe Jake and he's the perfect guy that girls are always dreaming about. But he also has his flaws. He's had a bad experience in his past and for that reason he's protective of Meg, which isn't a great thing, except Meg used to have a boyfriend who was very controlling. But Jake also knows when to back away. He's pretty much the perfect guy without being boring.

The descriptions that Larie used in this book were very good as well. And occasionally amusing. But they always got the point across and created beautiful landscapes. Just as a little aside, at one point when she's describing Jake from Meg's perspective, Meg thinks of him as "...the trespassing sex in a Stetson..." I have to admit that that is a great description. One that both amuses the reader, conveys Meg's feelings for him and gives a description of Jake. Although it does leave much to the imagination. But still, she uses descriptive words very well.

The only thing that I both enjoyed and disliked is the fact that it takes most of the novel to build up to the action. Which is great, considering I've been reading a lot of novels that are heavy on the action recently and it meant more time with Jake and Meg and romance. But at the same time, I was like hurry up! Things are going to come out or the plans are going to fall through before anything happens. So that was a great way to build up to the action. But still, I was frustrated that it took so long.

But it was a great novel, one that I enjoyed. If you love romance, and cowboys as well as a man you can sigh over than you should definitely check out Her Desert Treasure, which is being released today. Let me know what you think about Her Desert Treasure in the comments below!

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