Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Bottom Line by Sandy James

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"She only needed one more change." -Sandy James, The Bottom Line
WARNING: This book contains Sexual Content

Mallory has had a tough year. After finding out she had breast cancer, her husband also divorced her. Now that she's finally found herself on the way back to being fully healthy she wants to take care of the DIY jobs that her ex-husband had started and left. Enter Ben Carpenter, her contractor. Also divorced but with custody of his teenage daughter, he tries to avoid a relationship with Mallory but sparks fly and they quickly fall in love. But will Mallory let him in after what her ex-husband did to her? Can she learn to trust and love a man again? Find the official description on Goodreads.

It was nice to know from almost the very beginning Ben's story. It made interpreting his actions and understanding them a little easier.
But we were still left with a slight mystery for Mallory's history.We know her divorce was not exactly what she wanted but there's little clues that there might be something more. It doesn't take long to figure out that Mallory has been sick and why. But it added a bit of uncertainty with her actions and some of her thoughts. Then there was the banter that the two characters exchanged. It was amusing and engaging. I wanted to continue reading just to see what the two would say to each other.

There was also the fact that Sandy James gives readers a perspective that most people don't get to see. That of a teacher. Students don't often know exactly what their teachers do or even really want to think of their life outside of school - or at least this student has. But Sandy James gives us an insight into the life of a teacher. It was interesting and new to me.

There were many different battles that took place throughout the book and each gave a realistic perception. The reader gets to find out how difficult dating and having a daughter can be, the fear and doubt that a single parent can experience when dating. Then the readers also get to see the fear that women who have had cancer or who have had a family member or friend experience cancer go through over something that many women would overlook. Not to mention the day-to-day fear that there would be a remission. It was a refreshing perspective, one that I enjoyed seeing.

The Bottom Line was a touching, thoughtful, and amusing book to read. I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance with difficulties thrown in. It gives readers new perspectives on life and can be an eye-opener for some. The Bottom Line is going to be released on May 6th. Do you think you'll give it a read?


  1. Hi, Aly!
    I'm so happy you loved Mallory and Ben's story! It's very near and dear to my heart!
    Thanks for choosing it to review!

    1. Hi Sandy!

      You're so welcome! I'm glad that I got the chance to read it!


  2. Don't forget that Juliana's book--Signed, Sealed, Delivered--is out July 1st! I'm sure it will be on NetGalley! :)

    1. I will be sure to add that to my to be read list! And I'll keep an eye out for it on NetGalley as well :)



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