Saturday, May 31, 2014

Something New!

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So, how have you guys been enjoying everything so far? Summer's going good? School? Well, I can safely say that while I'm sad to know that the Montreal Canadiens didn't make it to the Stanley Cup Finals they did an amazing job getting as far as they did! I enjoyed watching their games and look forward to next season!

Now moving on, I've got a lot of exciting things coming up! June 10th is the release date for Toni Aleo's Breaking Away and I cannot wait to get a copy. Not to mention I've been creeping NetGalley and I was able to get some Arcs that I think you'll really enjoy! Expect reviews in the next few weeks! I've also signed up for a few tours and cover reveals so expect lots of fun in the next few weeks!

Now, I wanted to try something new. If you haven't already liked my page on Facebook than you should go do that because I'm going to be bringing a featured author of the month to Reading Shy With Aly. What does this have to do with Facebook, you might be asking? Well every month I will be posting encouraging people to pimp their favourite authors. It'll be one post per author and than others can come and like the post with their favourite author's name. This post will last for one weekend and the author with the most likes by Monday morning at 8 AM AST will be the featured author for the next month. The only rules will be one comment per author and an author can only be featured once every six months. Just so that we get plenty of different authors throughout the year! What do you think about that? I'm really excited to get it started and I'll be sure to let you guys know when I get my first Pimp Your Author post up.

Now, there's a lot of new books coming out that are part of series. Which one are you most looking forward to? If you didn't notice I'm looking forward to Toni Aleo's Breaking Away. Hockey, romance and hot guys, yes please. There's also Light the Lamp by Catherine Gayle. It's coming out June 12th, so I've got plenty to look forward to in June! I read a Portland Storm novella in the Seduced by the Game Anthology and since than I've read the rest of the books and I honestly cannot wait to see more from her! There's so many more books that I could mention here but I'll restrict myself with those ones. What books are you looking forward to?


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I do authors I love posts every so often. I need to sit down and write some more up.

    1. That sounds really cool! Thanks for the feedback! :)


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