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The Journey by John A. Heldt

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“The missed opportunities took on new and greater relevance given the stark reality that now confronted her.” -John A. Heldt, The Journey

Michelle finds herself lost after her husband’s death. She finds herself looking back on her decisions from her youth with regret, wishing something would change. But what she doesn’t expect is to be sent back to 1979 while exploring an old house. Now she’s got her second chance. But will her second chance mean that she’s creating a whole new world? Find the official description on Goodreads.

I honestly expected that The Journey would follow the footsteps of The Mine but it seems to almost be it’s own book. Things were much different from the place that Michelle travels from to the date and the time she arrives in the past. Not to mention that Michelle is actually interacting with her own past. It surprised me, but it was a pleasant one. I enjoyed the differences and I was always wondering what else was different.

I also loved the descriptions that John A. Heldt included, especially some of the self-descriptions. They were amusing but not so amusing that you didn’t appreciate what it revealed about Michelle and her thoughts. I loved that!

We also get the perspective of both past and future Michelle. I also enjoyed that, because it allowed readers a chance to get to know both the woman and the teenager. It also allowed readers a chance to see what Michelle’s mindset was like when she was first making the decisions although she’s not making exactly the same decisions as the future Michelle had already done.

That was another thing, I was constantly left wondering about what changes the future Michelle would reap on the future. I was also worrying. I’ve watched Doctor Who and you find out that the consequences of saving one life can be dire. And so I was left with a feeling of trepidation as the book progressed, waiting for when the other shoe would drop as Michelle interfered in her own past. But I was still not prepared for what happened at all. And yet Michelle faces it bravely. It was very emotional and well handled by John A. Heldt. I did not expect the ending at all, but it was also an emotional, and touching scene. I especially loved the way that he finally concluded the book. It was nice to get that glimpse and know what had happened in the long term.

The Northwest Passage books are a combination of time travel, emotional scenes, and romance and something that everyone should give a chance to. Have you read the series? Did you enjoy them? What did you think about the endings and the books in general?

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