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Zero Alternative Blog Tour!

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Zero Alternative
by Luca Pesaro
Publication Date: April 25, 2014 
Genres: Thriller 
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Framed, hunted, betrayed…

Scott Walker is a fugitive from the quicksands of Finance, with one card to play – DeepShare, a silicon oracle coveted by billionaires, hitmen and hackers. As he fights for survival and vengeance, digging deeper into the dark heart of the global economy, one question torments him: what price will the world have to pay?

ZERO ALTERNATIVE is an action-packed conspiracy thriller that plucks at the base of human nature. When our grip on love, hope and morality starts to slide, the only future worth living is the one we choose for ourselves.

About Luca Pesaro

Luca Pesaro was born in Italy but has spent most of his adult life in the US or UK. After long years gaining a degree and masters in the pseudo-science that is Economics he got bored, jumped the gun and became a derivatives trader in financial markets. Zero Alternative is his first novel and he is hard at work on his second thriller. He is married to an awesome lady and they have two children who always manage to annoy, surprise and delight beyond any reasonable expectation.

“The trading floor was drowning in blood and fear.” -Luca Pesaro, Zero Alternative

Scott Walker is on the run. Going from the London Stock Exchange to on the run almost overnight is a shock. Especially with the company he is keeping and the people that are after him. But the technology he’s searching to gain could change the world. But will it change it for the better? Find the official description on Goodreads!

Zero Alternative grabs your attention from the very first line. It’s quick to capture the reader’s interest with it’s wording and it doesn’t lose it throughout the book. While at first there seems to be quick changing between different people and times, it settles down as reader’s progress throughout the book. It doesn’t detract from the book although it can make things a little more difficult at first.

Also, don’t let the fact that the main character is in the financial business keep you from reading this book. Luca Pesaro makes you feel the ups and downs that the main character, Walker experiences in his job before finding himself on the run from bad guys and the law alike. The descriptions of everything throughout the book is superb and Luca Pesaro really paints an amazing picture, one the reader can see in their minds eye easily.

Zero Alternative also gives you little  glimpses into different people’s perspectives, most notably the bad guys that Walker is on the run from but you also don’t get enough to figure out who they are or what they are after until Walker himself discovers them. It’s interesting to see. Not to mention there are several twists throughout the book that blindside readers. They were unexpected and not what you thought could or would happen.

The characters were also wonderfully created. Walker seems to be like many men at some point in their life, questioning what he is waiting for and how he can create a better future. Not to mention why he’s still in the finance world when he’s finding it less than great as of late. And Layla is engaging with her feisty spirit, and holding certain things close to her chest, not sharing her secrets in any way, shape or form unless forced to.

Zero Alternative was an engaging, interesting, and attention-grabbing book. One that I had trouble putting down from the very first page. You should definitely look into it! What were your thoughts on this new release? Did you enjoy it?


  1. Thanks very much for the great review Aly, and congrats on your excellent blog!

    1. You're very welcome! Zero Alternative certainly deserved it as did you! Thank you!


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