Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love Reborn by Victoria Bright

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"He wished that he were able to function like a normal person and not a grieving fiancé."-Victoria Bright, Love Reborn
WARNING: This book contains sexual content and is not for younger readers.

Ahmed lost the love of his life and has vowed to never love another. But she is watching him and tries her best to send a message through Paris, a trainer that Ahmed hires to help him out. It helps that Ahmed has caught the attention of an editor of a tabloid magazine, Whitney O'Neal. But will he finally be able to let go? Or will Ahmed lose his chance at love? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Readers are thrown right in and I love that we get to see Victoria Bright's take on angels, heaven and everything in between. Not everyone is going to have the same thoughts on the subject and it's always nice to get someone else's perspective. 

Ahmed's emotions run deep and Victoria Bright has no problem showing them and in such a way that she's not pushing them too far. It's easy to see the pain he is in but he also has a sense of humour and acts childish around his best friend. She also shows that he has baggage without constantly bringing it up and the same goes for Whitney. 

The only thing I was iffy on was Paris but I think that's just because she was an angel in disguise and I couldn't quite connect with her? I almost felt as if I couldn't make a connection with her and so she certainly wasn't my favourite character.

Other than that I really enjoyed Love Reborn. It was an interesting read.

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