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When Dreams are Calling by Carol Vorvain

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"I want to be a travel book, an inspirational, humorous travel book, Grandma." -Carol Vorvain, When Dreams are Calling

Dora is an adventurous young woman. She travels the world trying to find herself and the perfect career. If she stumbles upon the perfect man so be it. When Dreams are Calling is about Dora finding her dreams and listening to them. Find the official description on Goodreads.

Dora has a very clear and loud voice. Carol Vorvain uses this voice consistently and it's easy to catch Dora's personality from just reading what Carol Vorvain has written. Even if we didn't have any dialogue or any interaction with other characters. Not to mention the journal notes that are interspersed throughout When Dreams are Calling. It's clear to see Dora's personality shine through and be brought to life. It was almost as if Dora was a real person and I was watching her from afar as she went through her adventures. 

I loved the little rhymes at the beginning of each chapter. They gave little clues to what could potentially be happening in the next chapter and it was fun to read them. They were just little silly rhymes that make the readers laugh. 

Readers are also given a glimpse into new cultures and even better we get to see it from the prospective of a bouncy, energetic young woman. Being Canadian I, of course, loved the time that Dora spent in Canada and seeing Canada from a different light. I especially loved this quote when she was talking about Tim Horton's: "It's the hidden daily tax Canadians pay for living in the country of the snowman." It made me chuckle and I enjoyed it.

When Dreams are Calling is all about Dora's growth throughout her life. In real life it's hard to see all of the different situations that make a person who they are or even those that shape you until later in life. So I enjoyed the chance to follow Dora and see those situations that defined her, and helped her to grow. It gave me something to aspire to and I hope that some of the lessons Dora learned I will remember. 

When Dreams are Calling is a touching story about a young woman's growth and experiences. It's an inspiring tale and one I believe that everyone should read at least once.

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