Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nightingale Comes Out June 11th

Synopsis: Naomi and Jesse have been living peacefully for the past few months, like normal teenagers, but now the spirit world has a new task for them. Another girl has been called but no one seems to have any idea where she could be. Never mind the revelation that Jesse’s grandparents are hiding something important from him. 

In London, Ava’s dream of studying music has finally come true but she’s completely terrified, and she hasn’t even met the Shadows yet. Ava doesn’t want to be a shadow weaver but, with her unique abilities, she may be vital against the growing forces of their enemies.

With secrets lurking in Jesse's past and both new and old enemies to contend with, it looks like their troubles are only just beginning.

Author Bio: Kay Causer currently lives in the north-east of England where she studied for her degree in English and History at Northumbria University. She doesn't remember even learning to read but as soon as she could she started creating her own stories. Her favourite genre is fantasy and most of her stories revolve around anything to do with the supernatural in some form or other.
When not writing, she spends entirely too much time watching Disney movies, listening to kpop songs and eating toast, because life is too short to not have fun while you can.

If you haven't checked out my review of Hummingbird, the first book in the Shadow Weavers series. Nightingale is due to be released on June 11th, and it looks like it'll be a great book!

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