Monday, July 28, 2014

The Appeal of Evil by Pembroke Sinclair

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"For every tender action, he always followed it up with abandonment."- Pembroke Sinclair, The Appeal of Evil

Katie has a choice to make. Go with the demon who has kept his promises to her or go with the boy who has always broken his promises and her heart. It's a difficult decision, not to be made easily. Especially because of what she'll have to give up. Find the official description on Goodreads.

Many of the actions and reactions in The Appeal of Evil were portrayed realistically and it seemed easy to slip into the lives of the main characters. The only real issue that I had with the characters of The Appeal of Evil is that throughout most of the book I was honestly supremely annoyed with Katie. There were a few moments where I was excited for her and happy with her but most of the time, she just annoyed me. Most likely because of the fact that her thoughts could go around in circles, or she started leaning to make a decision that I thought crazy. Whatever it was I found it hard to read much of the book because of the annoying behavior of Katie.

The writing was really well done, and it was smooth. Not to mention that Pembroke Sinclair also portrayed the struggle between good and evil as difficult. Many times the main characters almost seem to find it easy to choose the side of good or the good guy. But it was clear that Katie wasn't exactly happy with the good guys and she had reason not to be. There was a difficulty between choosing what she thought right and her wish for someone to treat her the way she felt she deserved to be. It was an interesting dilemma, and I liked the difficulty that it was treated as.

The debate between good and evil is an interesting read and you should give it a chance.


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