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The Seventh Sentinel by Yolanda Ramos

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"He'd always known, deep inside, that there was more waiting for him out there, something to put his, to put their, considerable fighting skills to use."-Yolanda Ramos, The Seventh Sentinel

Christiano, AKA Cormac was raised by a man who knew he was destined to do great things .When his adoptive father is killed, he starts discovering his past and his present quickly becomes more interesting than he might be able to handle. But with the help of Archangels, the best of friends and six other men that are similar to him how can he fail? Cormac is the Seventh Sentinel and he will help save the souls of the world. Find the official description on Goodreads.

The beginning of this book definitely catches the readers attention. And that's a really good thing. I know that I, personally, find it hard to read a book if the first chapter or the prologue doesn't catch my attention. I can still find it interesting and fall in love but until I do it is hard to keep reading. But Yolanda Ramos didn't run into that problem. And we see this scene that we don't fully understand but quickly comes to hold a lot of meaning throughout The Seventh Sentinel.

I loved the similes that were used as well. They were unique and stood out to me. Although for the life of me there was this one that really stood out in my mind but I forgot to highlight it and now can't find it. 

While the reader isn't omnipotent, we do get third person perspectives from a variety of characters. This allows us to get a glimpse into the motives of people but at the same time they still can remain a bit of a mystery. Mostly because we don't get glimpses into all of their motives and just like a human being we're not necessarily going to be able to catch on to what they're doing or why.

Not to mention that all of the historical facts that I read and recognized were correct. I'm not saying I'm perfect or an expert but there didn't seem to be any historical facts that were out of place or wrong. Which is good. It always shows that the author is willing to put in the work for their readers.

A lot of the motives behind the rogues behavior seems to be a desire for more power, and more money. It made them seem lifelike as it always seems that a lot of the criminal behavior in the real world seems to involve at least one of these motives. I just feel like it made things realistic.

It was also interesting to catch a glimpse at history that I've always just seen as an event and never really gotten to read anything more about it. So that was really, really interesting, especially because I knew of it but not more than what it was, when and why. I didn't read any first hand accounts or those of the ancient historians.

There are fun scenes, sad scenes, annoying scenes, action scenes, everything any person could possibly want. And The Seventh Sentinel seems to come full circle in a way, at least location wise. 

The Seventh Sentinel is a good, solid read, and I think that if you have the slightest interest in any kind of ancient history, or the ancient church or even just angels and  things like that than you should give it a read. 

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