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The Faded Trilogy by Chloe Miles

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Title: Faded (The Faded Trilogy, Book 1)
Author: Chloe Miles
Pages: 392
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
“Savannah wanted to kiss him, but she had never even kissed a human guy before, let alone a ghost. How was she supposed to kiss him if he wasn’t really there?”

Savannah has never been in love before, but she’s in love with Hunter Emmerton. He’s cute, funny, charming ... and a ghost. How can you date someone if nobody else can see them?

When seventeen-year-old Savannah Fraser and her three friends are killed in a car accident, they are given a second chance at life by a group of century-old earthbound spirits who need their help.

Savannah learns she is a Chosen One, which means she can switch between human and spirit form, heal people, and control the weather—and she is also now invincible.

The Chosen Ones are the only ones who can defeat The Forces—a trio of evil half-spirits who are slowly destroying the perfect little town of Fort Everwick with violent storms and not-so-natural disasters—and stop them from harming everyone they care about.

The Forces are set on destroying everything Savannah knows and loves, but they also have a more sinister plan—they want a new member to join them. They won’t give up until they get the one they want—and they have Savannah firmly in their sights.

But what Savannah didn’t count on was falling in love with Hunter. She’s never loved anyone the way she loves Hunter, and she knows he loves her, too. But how can they be together forever if he no longer exists and she’s the only one who can see him?

Will Savannah have enough belief in herself to defeat The Forces, or will they be able to lure her to the dark side and turn her against her loved ones—and tear her and Hunter apart?


In the beginning of Faded the narrator sounds as if they are telling a legend or it's a legend in the making. It was great! I know that many books have to capture readers attentions in the first few pages and Faded certainly does that.

There are several scary scenes that really get your heart pumping. It was fun to be able to experience that even if it didn't happen often. 

Faded jumps between different characters perspectives in the third person which can make things slightly confusing once or twice. Most times I could figure out who was speaking but there was one time or another I was confused for a bit about who was speaking.

There were typical high school scenes that seemed to balance out the odd and at times scary occurrences. Although how the drama of high school can do that I do not know but it just seemed to work. Maybe because it's normal for many people?

I enjoyed the fact that while many times the group of four only use their powers for fighting the Forces, but they do occasionally use their powers for fun. It makes the powers seem a lot less of a burden. 

 The Forces were also convincingly life like. They use innocent people for their own purpose, do whatever they can to stay alive/get all the power. I was extremely saddened by this but it also gave me someone to hate. Which is terrible but at the same time, they do terrible things. 

The ending feels like it's setting up the next book, almost like one episode of a television show setting up for the next. It was an ending but it also felt as if there was plenty more to go on and lead into See No Evil.

One of the things I enjoyed most in Faded was the romances the reader could follow. Especially that of Savannah and Hunter even though their circumstances seem impossible. Which also added a bit of melancholy to my feelings of their relationship while for the others I felt only happiness. And maybe some sadness for at least one relationship at one point but also hope at the same time. Faded and Chloe Miles certainly made me feel a lot of different emotions during this book and this series as a whole.

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Title: See No Evil (The Faded Trilogy, Book 2)
Author: Chloe Miles
Pages: 350
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
“You could have perfect vision and still not see the evil in someone. Well, at least not want to see it, anyway.”

The enthralling story that was built in Faded continues in exciting and unexpected ways in this action-packed sequel in The Faded Trilogy.

Are Savannah’s dreams predicting the death of someone close to her? Or is it someone even closer than she thinks? Can Savannah save one of her best friends—and stop another from suffering the same fate?

Savannah will need more strength than she ever has before if she is to defeat The Forces for good, and with Hunter’s love and encouragement to believe in herself, she finds the confidence she never knew she had.

However, while The Chosen Ones become more confident in their roles as protectors of Fort Everwick, The Forces only become more evil—and prove they will stop at nothing to win.

What will Savannah do that will change everything and determine her position of power over The Forces forever—and prove to them that she just might have it in her to beat them at their own game?

But while becoming their biggest threat, it also reinforces Savannah’s position as Gwen’s most cherished target.


Confused at first in the prologue before I quickly figured out that it was actually a future event. Which deeply saddened me. I couldn't believe that this happened. Or was going to happen.

I still felt really hopeless about the Savannah and Hunter relationship so every moment they interacted was saddening and full of despair instead of happiness like the other couples interactions made me feel. I just felt like there was no way for them to be together and felt like they were just delaying the inevitable. 

I want to know how Gwen turned out the way she did. She was so different from the rest of her family and I was really saddened and confused about how Gwen turned out how she did. It made Gwen just a little bit more human even if she was crazy, evil and I really didn't like her.

It seems as if people can be so easily convinced? Just by using their feelings against them. And it seemed like the Forces were pretty much using the same play with different characters. I found it slightly frustrating that people could actually fall for this again. It was one thing I really didn't like about See No Evil.

I loved the touching scenes where the two couples were interacting. It made everything seem as if it was less of a big, bad thing. Except when Hunter and Savannah interacted. That was more of an addition to the bad things/feelings.

I wasn't a big fan of the time jumps but I do know they're necessary. I wish they could have been more spread out in their use or less used. But it was necessary to move the plot along so I got over my dislike.

See No Evil was a great addition to the Faded trilogy.

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Title: Ever After (The Faded Trilogy, Book 3)
Author: Chloe Miles
Pages: 462
Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
"And she realized that everything that seemed to simple back then is nowhere near as simple as it should be and that nothing comes easy for the ones who want it the most."
One of Savannah’s friends is hiding a secret that will change her life—forever.

In this heartbreaking yet heartwarming conclusion to The Faded Trilogy, Savannah is facing an epic final battle with The Forces—and the possibility of losing Hunter forever.

If Fort Everwick no longer needed protecting, and Hunter was free to cross over, would he stay with Savannah as he promised—or leave her to live the normal life she deserves?

Savannah can’t imagine her life without Hunter, but does he love her truly enough to let her go?

Until then, The Chosen Ones only have one thing on their mind—defeating The Forces. But they are stronger than ever—and not prepared to go down without a fight.

Will The Forces finally be defeated once and for all? And can Savannah and Hunter really live happily ever after?

I opened the third book in the Faded Trilogy with anticipation and excitement but at the same time dread. Especially after reading the synopsis. I felt as if there was no hope for Savannah and Hunter so I felt like the outcome was clear to me and it was saddening. I really wasn't looking forward to their parting. But as I read through, especially closer to the end I started feeling hopeful. And I'm not going to spoil it but there was a surprise that allows Savannah to be happy. I loved the ending and it definitely was a Happy Ever After kind of ending.

Throughout Ever After we get to watch everyone start to really grow up and get all of those relationship milestones that most couples follow such as moving in together. It was great to watch these things happen for Jackson and Madison as well as Logan and Abigail. But at the same time you felt sad that Savannah and Hunter would never experience these things. And yet Savannah was nice about the whole thing. She didn't really feel jealous of anything but these things. She didn't even feel resentful that she can't go elsewhere right now because of the fact that their powers are needed in Fort Everwick, none of them do. Or at least not that we see. At times I felt that this made them feel a bit unrealistic but then Chloe Miles had always said that Savannah at least wanted to go to FESU for her pre-med studies so it made it feel less of an unrealistic character.

Then there was Ryan. There's a bit of a mystery about him. Did he actually go to Canada or? And the answer to that question leads to a heartbreaking discovery. I had guessed what was going on but having it confirmed was not a happy time. He was honestly killing me and I had a hard time reading scenes with Ryan in them, even though he was always upbeat.

Ever After really captured my feelings on growing older. Especially the quote at the top of the synopsis. It made me feel really nostalgic and wishing once more for childhood. It was amazing to see all of my feelings of growing up and older translated to the pages of Ever After.

Is it bad that I got used to the book leaving much to the imagination in the case of the happiness of characters after the end of the book? Because I was almost disappointed to get a play-by-play almost of everyone's happy ending but also I loved it and read it as quickly as I could so that I would know everything! It was amazing! 

The Faded Trilogy is definitely a book to read if you enjoy paranormal romances. I would suggest that this is mostly for young adults but that doesn't mean that adults couldn't read it and enjoy the trilogy. So give it a chance and I think you'll find yourself a new, amazing book. 

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