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Boarded By Love by Toni Aleo

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"You know, everyone always talks about sparks and fireworks when they kiss a guy - I hadn't ever felt that before, but I do now." -Toni Aleo, Boarded by Love

Jude Sinclair is captain of the Bellevue Bullies hockey team. And a bit of a playboy. But everything changes when he runs into Claire Anderson. But Claire's had a difficult time growing up. She's determined to stand on her own two feet, no matter what. Will Claire's secret destroy the best thing that's ever happened to both Jude and Claire? Or will forgiveness and love come into play, saving the day? Find the official description on Goodreads.

First of all, if you're just tuning in, I love all of Toni Aleo's work. She writes some great books and I especially love her Assassin's series. So when I found out about Boarded By Love I was ecstatic. Especially because it involves Claire from Breaking Away.

In Boarded By Love, we get a much more intensive look into Claire's life before Phillip and Reese. Not to mention we find out just how much she changed when she came to live with Phillip. We knew the basics on what had happened from Breaking Away but we were able to get more details and learn more about why Claire was doing what she was doing and how it affected her. I loved that deeper look into her character. Next time I read Breaking Away, I'll definitely feel even more sympathy than I did last time. Claire was an amazing character and I really feel that Toni Aleo portrayed her very realistically.

The same could be said for Jude, although he is way too sweet to be a reformed player, just saying. In fact Jude almost overtook Tate at times during this book, and we all know my love for all things Tate Odder. 

We can't forget the hockey. I was really excited to see more hockey, although it didn't play a big part in Boarded By Love. It was great to see when it came into play though. 

And readers were also given texts that the characters sent to one another. It's a different style of writing and it shakes things up. But some of the things that were said were so sweet that you could melt from them and it really added to the book.

Also getting to see and get updated about our favorite characters was amazing! We got to see them in a bit of a different light. That of a protective father/uncles. It made for some hilarious moments, although I wanted to smack Phillip because he was acting really childish. But it was great to see how far he's come from the inappropriate player we first met. He's really grown some and I love seeing that. Although he's still got some of his former traits.

The epilogue gave readers more assurance that everything works out and it was just an amazing scene, really powerful. I loved it! 

Boarded By Love is such an amazing book, and I'm excited to see more of the Bellevue Bullies as well as the Assassin's.

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