Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elite by Rachel Van Dyken

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Tracey won the lottery to enter the Eagle Elite University, and she's ecstatic. She's able to fulfill her grandmother's wish for her and she can pay back her grandparents for everything they've done for her. But when she arrives, she finds that things are much different on this campus. There are rules and if you don't follow them...while just watch your back. Find the official description on Goodreads.

Elite was a book that I enjoyed very much, and I'm definitely going to add this author to my list of keep an eye out for new books by. The writing really flowed smoothly and the Traci's voice really came through. It didn't feel like it was a book, it felt like it was either a movie playing out in front of me or that I was a background character in the book watching things happen. 

There were lots of different moments even moments where there was deep thought and speaking on the human condition. It added more depth to the book and I really enjoyed that.

Throughout Elite, you do find yourself thinking. Either sympathizing with different characters or trying to figure out what or who is being nice only to turn around and stab Tracey in the back. It added a little bit of intrigue into the book and I liked the fact that I was suspicious about people's motives. It made for a great read.

The Eagle Elite University is definitely not like any university I've ever heard of. I loved that. It added a bit of need to find out what was all going on. I found a lot of the book questioning what the heck kind of school this was and I swear there were points in which curiosity almost killed me.

The plot was very unique as I don't think people have really thought about taking on this age group and this topic(I'm not going to mention the combo as it would be spoilery, ;)) It was new, and shiny and I don't know but it made Elite stand out in my mind, and I definitely want to read more by Rachel Van Dyken.

You should definitely give Elite a read even if New Adult/Young Adult isn't something you typically read. It was a great book, one I will definitely be reading again.

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