Friday, October 3, 2014

The Mistletoe Effect By Melissa Cutler

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"Debating the veracity of many of Granny's many superstitions was a losing game but Carina couldn't' help herself." -Melissa Cutler, The Mistletoe Effect
WARNING: This book is not meant for younger audiences.

Carina's always been the girl that never stood up for herself, or at least not a whole lot. She's always known that her father expects her to take over the ranch. And Decker's always had his eye on her, wanting her. When Granny June proclaims that someone must get married so that the tradition of happy marriages that never end in divorce won't be jinxed, Carina isn't surprised to find herself as a bride. But Decker surprises himself by volunteering. Will the Mistletoe Effect hit these two newlyweds or will they soon go their own way? Find the official description on Goodreads.

The Mistletoe Effect starts off with a bang and captures reader's attentions. And it never really stops. It seems as if it's one thing after another. It was fun because of this and it kept things rolling.

I honestly spent a lot of this book laughing my head off, if I didn't have tears in my eyes. As I mentioned before it was one thing after another and I honestly had to fight to put this book down.

The characters as well as the plot line was unique and amusing read. I hadn't really expected things to be this interesting when I first read about the book but I was quickly proved wrong.

The Mistletoe Effect will have you laughing, crying and glued to it until the very end. It's to be released on October 7th, and I suggest if you're looking for a good romance with lots of humor in it, you should go buy it when it does come out!

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