Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Belize Navidad by Karen Hulene Bartell

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"That he had missed her was evident, and Carole's misgivings dissolved in the genuine warmth of his love." -Karen Hulene Bartell, Belize Navidad

Carole and Nick need to decide what they're going to do. When Carole goes down to Belize from New York, determined to come to an agreement before she returns to Manhattan. But when Carole gets a job offer, she can't help but take it, hoping that this will solve all the problems between her and Nick. But it might not be all it seems to be. With everything falling apart, can Carole keep from going crazy? Find the official description on Goodreads.

The descriptions in this book were well worded, and descriptive. They weren't too wordy and yet really well described. 

There were numerous threads running through this book and I enjoyed each one. It kept things interesting and once one settled down a bit it seemed another was jumping into high speed. It kept the readers attention and it was really enjoyable!

There was a bit of surprise in Belize Navidad and I'm not going to spoil it so go read this book to figure it out. I will tell you that it was heartwarming. 

Belize Navidad was an enjoyable novel, and it would be a good Christmas read.

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  1. Appreciate your review, Aly - and thanks for keeping the surprise a surprise ;)


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