Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Feeling Lucky by Kathy Bryson

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“A leprechaun did not just kill off my car in a hailstorm.”-Kathy Bryson, Feeling Lucky

Megan got really drunk at her cousin's wedding. But when she pinches a musicians butt, she doesn't see that as capturing him. In fact she'd rather forget the whole incident. But when a queen rules that she has captured Fergus, a leprechaun, and she gets everything he owned, she finds it's not all it's cracked up to be. She loses her job, creates a foundation, and finds herself battling against a grumpy leprechaun who just wants his things back. But maybe at everything will work out for the better. Find the official description on Goodreads.

Kathy Bryson jumps right into the weirdness. Now I must admit, silly me I read Restless Spirits(review to come) before reading Feeling Lucky. Little confusion on my part apparently. So I sort of knew a bit of weirdness already and some of this weirdness was familiar. That being said, there were also different weirdnesses, for instance the Queen. Readers deal with the king in Restless Spirits so we got to meet a new character that could possibly be in the running for no fun character of the year. Just saying.

Some of the attitudes in the book when Megan got all of that money while understandable(and honestly I'd probably spend at least a little of the money) but it was also annoying. But where I read Restless Spirits I also knew a bit more about that situation as well. So I had some spoilers on what were going on.

Megan and Fergus were definitely my favorite characters, Megan most of all. She was witty, smart and generous. She honestly was a great character who had a few flaws to round her out. It was amazing reading the book and seeing everything that was going on.

Feeling Lucky is for those readers that enjoy romances as well as supernatural elements to their romances such as fairies and leprechauns.

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