Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Reason by Jen Andrews

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"Was this man completely oblivious to the effect he had on women?"-Jen Andrews, The Reason

Zoey has not been as lucky in life as some have been. She was lucky enough to be adopted by an amazing family but her ex-husband tried to take everything from them. She ensures that nothing like that will happen again by making a rule; no dating people she works with. But when Andy shows up, she finds the rule harder to stick to. Can Andy break down her wall or will Zoey live her life behind a wall! Find the official image on Goodreads.

Okay, I have to say that having a chapter and hearing how Zoey had grown up from her as a child made that so much more real to me. I'm not saying I wouldn't have felt bad if she had described how she grew up throughout the book but seeing that first hand from a child's perspective who doesn't really know better just hammered that home to me so much more. I'm not sure why or how but it just did. I was really happy that that was included. And it made me happy for Zoey that she found people who obviously care about her.

There was a good flow to the writing and word choice was wonderful. I didn't feel like I was jumping from place to place or time to time or anything like that. Everything just seemed to flow without talking over every step that was taken.

Also the fact that the book is from Zoey's perspective and not knowing really Andy's thoughts makes things really interesting and leaves readers in the dark at times. It was great to have that inability to know Andy's thoughts and have to guess what his actions meant.

And it was just marvelous. There was character growth on both sides and it was interesting to see how interactions with others would go. I just really enjoyed this book and also the way it was formatted. Usually I wouldn't mention the formatting but I found it really cool that the notes were actually formatted to look like notes in the book. It was just that little extra that looked really interesting.

The Reason was a great romance book and I'm sure that if you're a romance fan like me, you'll enjoy it!

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