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Loving You is Easy by Wendy S. Marcus

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WARNING: This book contains scenes not appropriate for younger audiences.

Brooke is the perfect politician’s daughter, always looking out for her father’s political aspirations, even when it’s not easy. Shane is a blue-collared soldier who’s got his GED and when he’s injured feels as if he has little to offer Brooke. Especially when he’s done nothing but cause her problems by having private photos of Brooke leaked. Now he’s trying his best to fix things but Brooke is hurt, and she wants nothing more than to ignore him. But Shane can help her, he’s just got to convince her of that. Find the official description on Goodreads.

I honestly didn’t expect to see any of the letters between the two, much less the two that started their whole relationship. So that was a pleasant surprise. Especially because we got to see how they each see themselves. As well as getting to see a different style of writing. And the letters also allowed us to see how their relationship started and why.

I could honestly empathize with Brooke but didn’t feel her emotions as strongly as I’ve felt character’s emotions in other books. But it was still good to see her realistic, emotional reactions. Although I think she should have given Shane a bit more of a hard time.

We’re also given Shane’s point of view, which is extremely helpful to understand him as a character and why he can be a grouch or insisting on keeping the relationship between Brooke and he strictly away from the boyfriend/girlfriend position. It allows us to understand this reasoning and I don’t know about him but I was definitely calling him every name in the book for his decision and his reasoning. I feel that Shane was much more alive to me. The author clearly gives him several things that soldiers may deal with after coming home, especially injured, not that I know much more than what I’ve read or seen in movies or on tv. But it seemed like she kept things in line with those portrayals I’ve seen or read.

I felt a real frustration with Brooke’s parents, more so Brooke’s mother after we actually get some face time with her father. And throughout the book I felt some frustration, annoyance at the stupidity of some characters *cough cough* Shane as well as pride. While I don’t feel like I fully immersed into Loving You is Easy, I feel as if I got close to that level.

The ending was beautiful and I loved it. I feel like Wendy S. Marcus really hit it out of the park with the ending and it really brought things together nicely.

While Loving You is Easy was a good read, I didn't feel as if I could enter the book as easily or as deeply as some books I've read. It’s definitely a good read and one that deserves a chance at least. Loving You is Easy released December 9th, 2014.

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