Saturday, February 14, 2015

Comeback by Catherine Gayle

(Found via Goodreads)

Nicky was the goalie of the Portland Storm hockey team until his addictions catch up to him and he hits rock bottom. Working his way back up, several things come up that make him doubt himself but Jessica, who has been working with the Light the Lamp foundation is there to help him when she can. But when Nicky must take on his niece and nephews with Jessica there to help, will Jessica be able to guard her heart? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Okay, so I was really excited to get Nicky's story(not as excited as I am for Babs and Katie's story but still pretty excited). I wanted to know what was going on with his recovery and especially to find out more about the private goalie. And I was not disappointed. Catherine Gayle continues dealing with issues that are delicate with tact and grace. She shows the very real struggles that they might experience and wow, just wow.

Nicky's story felt like an emotional roller coaster and I seemed to go through at least a half a box of Kleenex before I was even halfway through. But it was necessary. And that made it at least a little easier to get through. It was certainly worth it when I got to the end.

Comeback also jumps ahead in time. I was excited to see some new guys but sad to find out that some had been traded or retired. But that's what happens and you just have to roll with it.

Overall, Catherine Gayle continues with a series that will tear your heart out before putting it back together. Comeback is an excellent addition to the Portland Storm Series.

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