Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Cowboy's Forever Family by Deb Kastner

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Laney is widowed and pregnant, left with a ranch she has no idea how to handle. And her late husband's best friend isn't exactly on her side. But when Slade finds out she's pregnant and not going to turn out his best friend's parents, he decides that he'll have to help her if he wants to keep everyone where they want to be and honor his best friend's memory. But when a strained relationship turns into friendship, can it go the extra step? Find the official description on Goodreads.

For some reason when I saw this book offered on NetGalley and read the plot I couldn't resist so I was really glad to get the chance to read it. Especially when it was written in third person, my favorite of the perspectives.

First we're introduced to Slade, and that was a good decision, because immediately you see him as a good guy if a little awkward with emotional scenarios. And when we are first introduced to Laney and see the too interact you're definitely glad that you see into Slade's head a bit and met him first. Otherwise you'd think he was a jerk. A big time jerk. But having heard his thoughts and learn about him first I feel like it allowed me to admit that he was a jerk but at the same time understand that there were problems on both sides.

The plot and writing kept the reader reading and it was easy and beautiful to see the two slowly move past their differences and move to something different.  It was a good read, and one that didn't necessarily have a lot of physical action. More so emotional drama, but sometimes it's a relief to get a break from the books full of physical action.

Overall, The Cowboy's Forever Family was a good read and once I liked.

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