Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hayley's Song by Jennifer Bryce

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Haley's father gives her away to a man in a bet. But Hayley does not want to marry him and she quickly comes up with a plan to escape. Given the perfect opportunity, she hops a bus and quickly finds herself hired as a cook/nanny. But she has two men vying for her attention and the man her father gambled her to after her. Find the official description on Goodreads.

I really felt Hayley's emotions. That was something that I really enjoyed. I actually felt like I was inside her head and could understand where her reactions were coming from. The same goes for Tate although his thoughts were more likely to make me want to smack his head than anything with some of the plans he was coming up with.

The plot was decent, it caught my attention and for the most part kept it. The same could be said for the writing. There weren't really any errors that I'd noticed in the writing.

This book frustrates you while at the same time amusing you. I think if the plot interests you than it certainly would be a good book to read!

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