Saturday, February 7, 2015

Soot Angel by M.A. Petterson

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The death of a homeless child that doesn't seem to matter to anyone but Dr. Anja Toussaint will turn even more sinister. As Dr. Anja moves to discover the cause of the baby's death, she starts being thrust into a government plot that might destroy everything. Find the official description on Goodreads.

The thing I most enjoyed about this book besides the character of Dr. Anja Toussaint was the description of fires, their causes, and the way that Dr. Anja Toussaint works. Those were all things that I found extremely interesting and something that I enjoyed a lot about these books. I also found that the mention of fire-related tragedies that I didn't necessarily know about was intriguing.

Anja seems to be almost emotionless at times before you get those brief glimpses that let you understand that yes she's still got emotions and maybe she feels too deeply sometimes. 

I did find that there were lulls between action and the plot largely seemed to be centered on Anja's life when it wasn't focused on the main plot arc. Which is fine, but it also jumped around a bit as well. 

Overall, this was a good book. 

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