Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Trade Me by Courtney Milan

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Tina is just trying to get through school and thus be able to provide for her family. But when Blake, a wealthy student, makes a comment about the poor, she can't help but make a comment. And that comment comes back to haunt her. Blake proposes a trade, They'll trade lives for a limited amount of time. But Tina finds that the walls she's established might just come tumbling down when she gets closer to Blake. Find the official description on Goodreads.

I'm not a huge fan of first person perspective(if you didn't know that already). And this book wasn't any different. I didn't really like the first person perspective but I did enjoy getting in both Tina's and Blake's head. It allows you to see each as more than just the stereotype you might think they represent. And that allows you to understand the characters on a deeper level and see Blake as more of a spoiled rich boy. I really identified with Tina because she seems to be in the same area at life that I am except taking a different path in school. So it was really easy to sympathize with her. 

Blake's alludes to a problem and I was slightly shocked to realize what that problem was. I didn't expect that to be his problem and so that was a pleasant surprise. It was good to see his development throughout and learn more.

The interaction between characters, especially Tina and Blake's dad was certainly hilarious. It always left me with a good laugh and I enjoyed that. 

The plot line is something that I enjoyed, and honestly I wish would happen to me. Maybe not all of those things but even a short life trade would be nice. Connecting so much with Tina allowed me to feel as if I was actually living through what she was. 

Trade Me was a good read. 

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