Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Fine Line by Jeanine Binder!

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Lori never clued into how dirty the undercover job he had taken was until he ran into Dr. Leigh Matthews in the emergency room. And luckily enough for him she didn't seem to mind his job. But Lori's getting close to shutting the largest drug operation in the country down and some people will do anything to stop it. Find the official description on Goodreads.

The writing in A Fine Line was easy enough to follow. It kept things interesting without going over the top. In other words it was realistic. I didn't really have anything that stood out about the writing that prevented me from enjoying reading this book.

And the characters were also an interesting mix. Lori certainly shows that money doesn't make happiness. He also defies expectations. You don't really expect someone who's wealthy to be working as a cop. Not that that probably doesn't happen but I mean it's a bit unusual. And Leigh was an interesting female character. She certainly was independent but still didn't fight the draw she had to Lori.

The ending was good, a mix of feelings but the lead up to it certainly had your heart in your throat and fear choking you if that wasn't enough. 

Jeanine Binder has created a great book! 

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