Monday, July 27, 2015

Solid Ground by Katherine McIntyre!

(Image found on Goodreads)

Mags Javiks has one day left until she boards a spaceship to start her ambassador training, one day in which to admit her love for her best friend Lex. To do so, she will have to trade the solid ground of a comfortable past relationship for the unknown frontier of a possible future together. Official description from Goodreads.

The writing in Solid Ground was really well done. At no time did I ever feel my reading experience was disrupted or anything less than great. The grammar and whatnot was on point and just the style of how Katherine read was intriguing.

Not to mention she deals with a topic that many face; regrets. And I think the debating of Mags over her regrets and what she would have changed is something that resonated deeply with me. Just that topic was enough for me to think back and find things to think about.

It was painful and sad but a quick read. So the pain doesn't last as long as it could. But Katherine McIntyre has written a marvelous story.

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