Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just Whistle by Hannah Rae!

She's running from her past... but fearful of her future.

At the age of eighteen, Charley Lane fled the small town of Lake Caywood, Pennsylvania. She left behind a grandfather who loved her dearly and a young boy who counted on her for all the things his mother couldn't give him.

Now, ten years later, Charley finds herself revisiting her hometown in order to attend her grandfather's funeral, once again staying in her childhood home of an old farmhouse with ever-changing rooms. Charley's uncertain as to whether her return is temporary or permanent; she struggles to blend her past, present, and future. What Charley does know, however, is that she has already hurt people, and although she doesn't want to, she also knows that she is bound to hurt again.

I'm going to apologize in advance for any spelling errors or crazy gifs or anything of the sort. But I still have tears pouring down my face and my thoughts are bouncing around crazily. And maybe that's a good thing. Because this book truly is a must read, even if it hurts. It's one of those things that while it hurts you also feel better for having read it.

Within the first hundred pages you know that something is wrong with Charley and that you won't have an HEA, just by the little clues that are being dropped. But by that time, the characters have become much like friends and you can't just bring yourself to let them know even if you know it will lead to heartbreak.

The beautiful moments that were experienced in this moment. Just wow, that was amazing. And the writing in general, the ways we were introduced to characters, the plotline, and again those small hints that add up to this one terrible outcome.

I'm sorry, but I literally don't think I can say anything more than the fact that this is an amazing book ,and even though you'll experience pain it is so worth it!

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