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Strength of Ballerinas Blog Tour

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“Looking at myself in the rearview mirror, I saw reflected in the rectangular piece of glass a girl who was going to live to fight and fight with all her heart to dance.” -Nancy Lorenz, The Strength of Ballerinas

Kendra has always dreamed of being a prima ballerina and even with her father moving the family to California, she is determined to dance with the Manhatten Dance Company, but when she starts experiencing muscle numbness and dizziness, she must decide if she will fight to dance or find another dream. Find the official description on Goodreads.

May I just say that The Strength of Ballerinas is a really inspirational read and it will make you feel proud and like you need to pursue those dreams you’ve always put off.

The one thing that I had difficulty with in this book was the ballet terms. I’ve never really held an interest in ballet at all, and so I found that I had to google a lot of the terms, because I couldn’t imagine the moves in my mind and it was bugging me slightly. But other than that it was an amazingly inspirational read.

Kendra was definitely a character that readers felt proud of, even if they felt that she was pulling the poor me routine a couple too many times. This made her much more realistic as does her battle to decide what to do when she is diagnosed with MS. Throughout the book we get to see her at her best and her worst. It’s really an amazing journey and while I have never really known much about MS, I did learn some more about it and the effects. Not to mention I got to see Kendra’s struggle with MS. It made for an interesting read.

The writing was well done, and didn’t detract from the book at all. It was easy to imagine many of the characters and feel some kind of emotion about them whether it be dislike or admiration.

The Strength of Ballerinas was amazing, inspirational and overall, just a book that everyone should read once.

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