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War by Isabel Lucero Blog Tour

Title: WAR by Isabel Lucero.
release date: March 2015
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✦ Synopsis: My father was the leader of a protection racket; a criminal group that uses violence to ensure our clients won’t be harmed or robbed, and that their businesses will remain protected. What we do isn’t legal, but it’s the way we’ve lived for many years now. Memphis Reed—my father—was formidable. He was a man people both respected and feared. He taught me everything he knew, and when he died I was left in charge. Before his death, a battle was brewing on the streets. Lies were told, deceptions were made, and people were killed. People we thought we knew changed, relationships and friendships were torn apart, and loyalties were questioned. After his death, a full on war is raging, and Roman Rios—a man we now know we can’t trust—wants to move in on our business. With me now being the leader of nine men, it’s up to me to protect them from Roman and his own crew of ruthless criminals. I’ll do whatever’s necessary to keep my business my own and protect everything my father worked for. Even if I have to go up against Xavier Delgado. Roman’s number two. A man with no heart and a black soul. A man Roman trained to be as vicious and cold-blooded as he is. A man who once upon a time I thought I was in love with. Yes, I’m a she. My name is Chevelley Reed, and all’s fair in love and war.


Wow, things certainly start off with a bang. If there was one thing that was done really well it was the action that took place and the plans that were hatched. It certainly got the heart pounding.

I do think that this was a good book, the plot was interesting enough and there wasn't anything wrong with the writing. I just didn't get drawn in as I do with some books. But that just means that I probably needed a break or that it wasn't my cup of tea. I did eventually fall for the characters but it took me a long while.

Everything was definitely dark, and a bit sad, especially once you got drawn into the book more. The relationship between X and Chelle was rocky and you never really understood it truly until a certain point, even with flashbacks showing you their past.

Overall, War was a good book but just not my cup of tea or I wasn't in the right mood for it the day that I read it.

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