Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters Release Week Blitz!

Growing up in the same motorcycle club, Arthur Killian and Cleo Price were as close as siblings until the night he set her home on fire. Her testimony sent him to prison, but he used his talent with numbers to secure an early release. When Arthur and Cleo's paths cross again, he knows he's found the perfect opportunity for revenge.

The sole survivor of the fire that killed her parents, Cleo grew up with painful scars covering the entire right side of her body. Now, though, she wakes up with tattoos covering the left half, and no memory of how she got them. In fact, she remembers nothing from her previous life. The only thing she knows is that her captor is familiar, and he makes her feel things she never thought possible. But he has secrets about her past, and Cleo discovers that the truth may be hidden in the markings covering her body.


Ruin & Rule is definitely a dark read. And it shows in the main characters, especially Kill. It's obvious he's gone through a lot of painful things to get where he is and he's still fighting. Although we don't actually get much of his perspective except for the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. It makes things so that we're in the dark as much as Cleo.

The writing certainly made it hard to put down! I didn't want to do anything but read once I picked up this book.

We were in the dark just as Cleo was with her memory loss and it's very difficult to figure out who to trust. And there's information that comes out that just adds to the confusion.

oh, and beware! Ruin & Rule ends in a cliffhanger so if you don't like cliffhangers than you just might want to wait until the sequel comes out!

About Pepper Winters
Pepper Winters is a New York Times and USA Todayinternational bestseller. She loves dark romance, star-crossed lovers, as well as the forbidden and taboo. She strives to write a story that makes readers crave what they shouldn't, and delivers complex plots and unforgettable characters that keep readers talking long after the last page is turned.

On a personal note she loves to travel, has an addiction to creme brulee, and is married to an incredible Canadian who puts up with her endless work hours and accompanies her on signings. She's also a firm believer that the impossible can become possible.
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